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We list the building dimensions as Width x Length x Height. For example, one of our models is listed as 12x21x7, meaning it is 12 feet wide and 21 feet long and 7 feet tall. This means that you can fit one standard car in the space provided. Please note that the roof of every structure is always 1′ longer than the base due to 6″ overhang on each end of the roof.

We provide a 30-day workmanship warranty on all metal buildings, no matter the gauge. Learn more about our Workmanship Warranty.  We also provide a 10-20 year rust-thru warranty depending on the gauge of your structure. See manufacturer’s warranty for more information.

Our most economical option is the 14 gauge steel framing. This is the industry standard, measuring 2 ½” x 2 ½” in diameter.

The lower the gauge, the thicker and stronger the material. Our 12-gauge framing is 2 ¼ ” x 2 ¼” in diameter and has a higher tensile strength that provides higher snow load and wind load ratings. Which is why we recommend the 12-gauge steel for areas with heavy snow and high winds, as well as carports 10’ and taller.

Certain states require that any new structure constructed be certified. Some require all structures to be inspected, while others only require that occupied structures be inspected prior to people living or working inside. We are able to prepare and install Carports and Metal Buildings to meet the criteria for certification. When preparing your base for your carport or metal building installation, please be sure that the ground is level and the concrete slab poured is wide enough to support the carport and anchors. You should pour it true to width, and 1′ shorter than the roof (lengthwise).

If you do need to certify your building, you will likely need a copy of the blueprints for the engineers to review. Please speak with our customer service representatives to learn how to get a copy of the blue prints.

If you do not need to certify your structure based on your local building codes, and you prefer not to pour a concrete slab for your metal structure we will gladly install the carport or other metal building on your property. Please be sure the area is cleared of debris and accessible to our installation team.

One of our customer support representatives will contact you when your order is ready to be delivered, and will attempt to find a date and time that will work best for you.There are many factors which can affect the delivery of your structure including location, weather, and contractor availability.  Please review our delivery estimates for current information.

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