Installation Site Requirements

  1. Site is level and large enough for building.
  2. Site is free of obstructions such as existing structures, stored material, public utilities, trees or bushes, etc.
  3. Clear working room 2-3 ft around site for ladder placement.
  4. Ability to reach site with truck and trailer(50-60 ft total length), no steep hills or sharp curves.
  5. Gravel Pad must be at least 1 ft larger than footprint of building base and no more than 3-4” deep.
  6. Concrete pad must be level, and square. Size should match footprint of building base in most cases. It is the responsibility of the customer to check with their County Code Office to check on the requirements of the concrete pad. For example, a 24’ W x31’ L building has a footprint of 24’W x 30’W. The only exception to this rule is that for some manufacturers their commercial building has no overhang on the roof length, so the size listed is the same as the footprint.

★ If the site is not level, manufacturer will either not be able to install building, or there will be cost to complete the install.

  • Problems associated with improper install due to unlevel site include, building leaning, doors not working correctly, space beneath the garage doors, etc.
  • Extra labor charges maybe be charged in order to overcome level sites, including cut legs on site, building over an existing structures, or labor to level site.
  • If installation crew can not install building there will be a return trip charge for the crew to come back out at a later date to install building, this is a minimum of $200-$300 or 5% of total retail depending on manufacturer.
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