Lift Requirements

When is a Telescopic Forklift needed?

A telescopic forklift is required to be provided by customer for any of the following building sizes: 

  • Any Unit that has a Garage Door larger than 12×12.
  • 12’- 24’ Units – anything taller than 15’ Legs.  If customer is unable to provide a lift additional labor will charged.
  • 25’ – 30’ Units – anything taller than 13’ Legs ** NO EXCEPTION**
  • 32’ – 70’ Units – All Units of this size will require a telescopic lift to be provided by customer.  **NO EXCEPTIONS**

Can Lear Metal Carports make arrangements for the telescopic forklift?

Yes! If customer does not want to rent lift Lear Metal Carports, LLC or third party manufacturer will do so for a fee of $1,850.

What are the labor fees?

For units between 12′ – 24′ wide and taller than 15′ will require additional labor if a telescopic forklift is not provided.  Labor fee starts at $250 for any unit 21′ and an additional $50.00 for every additional 5′ in length.

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